Why Partner With Us?


We all know that cash flow is key to success in a pawnshop and when you decide to partner with us we provide all of the inventory for a full gun shop.  This includes Firearms, Ammunition, and Accessories such as Scopes, Magazines, Holsters and so much more!  Our stores average $100,000 in inventory that we provide and you can keep your money in the bank to grow your loan balance!!!!!


We  know most pawnshops may dabble in firearms but few have the expertise of a gun expert.  This can make getting into firearms a very daunting task.  We eliminate that barrier by providing a Firearms Manager that is a true gun expert and is even NRA Certified to teach firearm training classes.  This manager will run the gun shop in your store using our FFL and managing all the forms and associated gun book.


This is a big one.  A lot of pawnshops don’t want to take on the burden of liability often associated with selling firearms and it is completely understandable.  From the pressure of maintaining ATF standards to worrying about lawsuits, many people do not want the hassle.  We take all those worries away.  We are the ones selling firearms, not you, as we maintain our own FFL and retail license.  We also carry all the insurance and we are responsible to the ATF for compliance.  We have a great relationship with the ATF as we have many FFL’s including retail, manufacturing, and importation.

Our Brand

Premiere Firearms has a huge following because of our quality firearms and custom guns that you can’t get anywhere else.  We have almost 50,000 followers on Instagram and we leverage this to drive customers into your doors!  We have the best quality AR-15 for the price on the market and all of our guns come with a full lifetime warranty.  Our custom guns include limited runs of custom builds, custom gold plating, Cerakote, and our Fiber Laser services.  These custom firearms are attention grabbers and differentiate us from any other gun stores around and keep customers coming back time after time.  Every partner gets a protected area around their shop so the inventory you have remains exclusive.

Door Swings

We have tracked the number of people entering the pawn shops we have partnered with before and after us opening and on average our partners are seeing the number of people walking into their store double within six months.  These same customers pawn and buy other merchandise you have such as jewelry and electronics.  Our partners have seen huge jumps in loan balance and retail sales associated with this bump in new customers.

Profit Sharing

Last but not least: PROFIT!!!  This is why we do it right?  We have an operating agreement with our partners where they get a percentage of the income created every month.  And we make a lot of profit!  Because we manufacture many of the items we sell we have margins that you will not see anywhere else.  Our gun stores average over $100,000 in sales monthly at 35% – 40% Gross Profit.  Our partners average making over $8,000 in income per month over the last 12 months.  That money added to their cash flow changes everything for them and many of our partners have opened new stores because of this success.

If the last two years have taught us anything it is that pawnshops need to constantly be evolving if they want to survive. We love changing the world of pawnshops one store at a time so if any of this sounds like something you would like to discuss further please contact us here.  We would love to partner with you to grow your business and crush your competition.

Please contact us for more information: sales@premierefirearms.com.